Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Supported phones

Below is the list of Samsung Kies supported mobile phones. Check back often as more handsets are being added all the time.

  • Wave II(S8530)

  • Wave(S8500)

  • Wave525(S5253)

  • Wave533(S5333)

  • Wave723(S7233E)

  • Wave575(S5753E)


Welcome to samsung apps

Samsung Apps is now open.
You can experience Samsung Apps anytime, anywhere through your mobile and PC.

The range of Smart Phone applications such as games, entertainment, and utilities in Samsung Apps, developed by the developers from all over the world will enrich your device.
Exact use varies depending on the device, so please refer to the website for detailed information.

Sign up with us and enjoy the following benefits:
- Free and paid application downloads.
- Secure and easy credit card payment.
- Special offers and events.
- Free re-download of purchased items.
- To sell your items on Samsung Apps, you need to register at Seller Office.
- If you are a registered Seller Office member, you can log in here with the same member account.

We will do our utmost to always provide better service and distinguished content.
We welcome your feedback and hope you will continue to enjoy the Samsung Apps experience.
Thank you.

[Press] Samsung Apps Reaches 100 Million Downloads

Breakthrough milestone achieved for a mobile application platform
in just ten months

SEOUL, Korea – March 24, 2011– Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. today announced that Samsung Apps, its mobile & TV application store, has hit 100 million application downloads since its service began with the Samsung Wave (GT-S8500) smartphone in June 2010.

Samsung Apps has grown at a rapid pace since launch; reaching 10 million downloads in its first three months, which skyrocketed to 100 million downloads in March, just ten months after the store opened. Over 13,000 applications are now available from the marketplace – a six-fold increase since the store’s first day.

The most downloaded apps on the platform include Magic Torch(Magic App’s),Need for Speed™ Shift(Electronic Arts)and Asphalt 5(Gameloft).Transportation and navigation apps - such as London Trafficand Ndrive France- are also popular downloads. The most popular apps also reflect cultural characteristics; recipe and wine apps are popular in France, Germans love football related apps and Italians are fans of film information apps.

With Samsung Apps now available in 120 countries across the world, many countries have taken to the range of content available from the store. France had the highest number of downloads, followed by Germany and Spain. These three countries accounted for 40% of all downloads made from the store.

Samsung Apps features a wealth of games, news, reference, social networking and navigation apps which are especially designed for Samsung smartphones. Locally-customised apps which integrate relevant regional information, designed to provide a more useful, tailored service to users can be found alongside apps that deliver global content. Samsung Apps users can also easily share information about their favourite apps via their favourite SNS channel, Facebook or Twitter.

“We are anticipating that Samsung Apps will show a rapid growth in 2011, especially with a variety of the upcoming bada device line-up” said Kang-Hyun Kwon, Senior Vice President of Media Solution Center, Samsung Electronics. “Through consistent service improvement and high-quality app selections, we will continue to offer optimised application services for Samsung smartphones.”

To mark the 100 million download milestone, Samsung is launching a weekly prize draw for customers. Each week, anyone who downloads an app from the Samsung Apps will be in the running to receive a Samsung prize. The lucky winners will be selected at random and could walk away with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Galaxy Player, USB sticks, or vouchers from the Samsung Apps.

This promotion applies to all bada handset devices (including Wave, Wave II, Wave 525, Wave 533, Wave 575, and Wave 723) and it will run from March 25th to April 30th, 2011. Details on the promotion can be found on the Samsung Apps site (

What is Samsung kies

Samsung Kies connects your PC to your phone, making it easier for you to synchronise data and find new apps. Using Samsung Kies, you can view apps in full screen on your PC , no matter what network you’re on. You can personalise services too, simply by becoming a Samsung Apps member or registering your mobile phone.

Samsung Apps : From PC to Mobile
Install Samsung Kies on your PC and enjoy the option of browsing through Samsung Apps on your large computer monitor. Download multiple applications and transfer them to your mobile with ease and convenience. Enjoy the beauty of Samsung Apps, from your PC to your mobile.
Non-member downloads Anyone can download free apps. Members and non-members.
Wish List Save your favourite apps to download when you’re ready.
Easy Payment Save your payment details in your Samsung Apps profile for faster purchases in the future.
Smart Display Set your phone to only view apps that run on your handset.
My Downloads See all of your past purchases and downloads. Download them again if you need to.
Quick Search Search by keyword to get results listed in order of popularity.

User Guides

Using SamsungApps for the first time at Kies
  • Using SamsungApps for the first time at Kies
  • In some countries, only free applications and limited services are offered.
  • When using SamsungApps for the first time
  • The country of the store must be selected. Select a flag to display the store of the selected country.
  • When using the store of another country
  • The flag of currently serviced country is displayed at the bottom of the store. Click the flag to display the list of available countries.
  • When you login with ID at the store of the member country, the page of the selected country will be displayed.
When joining the SamsungApps membership at Kies
  • Join the membership in the store of the selected country. The ID can be used only at the store of the member country.
  • Click the [Join Now] menu.
  • Enter the personal information and agree to the license terms and conditions.
  • The ID can be used only at the store of the member country.
  • In some countries, there is age restriction for the membership.
  • Register the credit card information.
  • It is more convenient if you register your credit card information as you don't need to enter the payment information each time you purchase an application.
  • Only the credit cards issued in the country of the store you are using are accepted.
  • Register the credit card information.
  • Register the credit card information.
When changing the membership information
  • You can change the membership information (personal information and payment information) from [My Page > My Profile] after you log in.
  • You can change your personal information.
  • Click [Edit Personal details] to change the personal information you entered when you joined the membership.
  • But, [E-Mail] cannot be changed.
  • You can change the registered payment information.
  • Registered credit card information can be changed and deleted.
  • The new credit card information can be registered from [Credit Card Settings].
  • Only the credit cards issued in the country of the store you are using are accepted.
  • In some countries, credit card payment and other payment methods are provided.
  • Register the credit card information.
When connecting device
  • Your device must be connected to install the purchased application from SamsungApps.
  • You cannot use SamsungApp applications if your device is not supported.
  • When purchasing an application after connecting the device
  • When you connect your device, the image and model name of the device are displayed.
  • After the device is connected, only those applications that can be used in the device are displayed.
  • When you purchase an application after the device is connected, application download and installation are automatically processed at once.
  • After a device is connected, you cannot select or change it unless you want to connect another device.
  • Purchasing an application without the device connection
  • You can still purchase the applications by selecting the device you are using even if it is not connected.
  • Avaliable applications will be displayed for selected device.
  • Purchased application from a selected device, can be downloaded from [My Downloads] when the device is connected later.
  • When the device is not connected
  • You can still see the list of applications and their details even if a device is not connected or selected, but cannot purchase the application.
  • To purchase an application before a device is connected or selected [All], a device must be selected or connected.
When purchasing applications
  • You can purchase an application by clicking [Buy] or [Get] of the application.
  • You can purchase an application after you connect or select a device. An application cannot be purchased if the connected device does not support the application.
  • To purchase a charged application, you must register the credit card infromation(other payment methods in some countries). Only the credit cards issued by the country of the store are accepted.
  • Click [Buy]. (Click [Get] in case of a free application.)
  • You can also purchase the application from the main page or the list by category.
  • Credit card information is not registered
  • Click the payment button to display the credit card data input window.
  • If the credit card data are registered, you can download the application without entering the payment data.
  • Register the credit card information.
  • Download will begin when the payment is completed.
  • If a device is connected, the application will be automatically installed after it is downloaded.
  • If a device is not connected, you can install the downloaded application from [My Downloads] after connecting a device.
To check the download progress of the purchased application or reinstall in a device
  • When you purchase an application, you can check its download progress from [Download Status] or [My Downloads].
  • A device must have been connected to install an application in it.
  • You can check the download progress of the purchased application.
  • The download status is displayed in [Download Status] at the bottom of the screen.
  • If a device is connected, the application download and installation is performed at once. You can move to another menu during the application installation.
  • If there is no connected device, the application image in [My Downloads] is disabled.
  • Reinstall the purchased application.
  • A downloaded application can be installed after a device is connected.
  • A purchased application can be reinstalled in the same way in the device.
  • You cannot install a disabled application when a device is connected.
Checking the application purchase history
  • After login, you can check the application purchase history from [My Page > Purchase History].
  • A purchased application can be reinstalled from [My Downloads].
  • You can check the product information and payment details of the purchased application.
  • You can check the detailed information of the purchased application.
When managing the application wish list
  • After login, you can check your favorite applications from [My Page > Wish List].
  • Click [Wish List] from the application details page.
  • It displays a list of applications you registered in the wish list. When an application is purchased, it is removed from the wish list.

Free Download Kies 2.0

Kies Release Note
File Version           Release Date        Size(MB)
SAMSUNG Kies(kies_win.exe)          13-May-2011            76.2

Samsung Galaxy Ace s5830

  • Select a country Select a country
    SamsungApps Store of the selected country is executed.
  • Join Now Join Now
    Enter the personal information and agree to the license terms and conditions.
  • Credit card Credit card
    After joining the membership, you can register your credit card.
    In some countries, credit card payment and other payment methods are provided.
  • Device Connection Device Connection
    Your device must be connected to install the purchased application from SamsungApps.
  • Application Purchase Application Purchase
    Purchase an application to use.
  • Application Installation Application Installation
    From [My Downloads], you can check the download and installation progress of the purchased application.